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Vidactive HE Dyes

These dyes are used to dye cotton and other cellulosic materials. Due to its high exhaustion and fixation efficiency, there is appreciable cost reduction as compared to conventional reactive dyes.
The salient features of these dyes are:

–       These are bi-functional dyes
–       These have high fixation on cellulose material
–       High solubility in water
–       Applicable at 80 °C
–       High exhaustion and tinctorial value
–       Good diffusion and leveling properties
–       High shelf life
–       High fastness
Vidactive HE Dyes
2% Shade Product Name C.I. No.
Y135 Yellow HE6G Yellow 135
Y81 Yellow HE4G Yellow 81
Y84 G. Yellow HE4R Yellow 84
Y84A G. Yellow HER Yellow 84A
O84 Orange HER Orange 84
O94 Orange HE2R Orange 94