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Vidazol VS Dyes

Reactive group in these dyes is Vinyl Sulphone. The most desirable thing about these dyes is that they can be applied through different dyeing methods. These kind of dyes react with hydroxyl group of cellulose and form strong covalent bonds.
The salient features of these dyes are:

– Can be applied via pad dyeing, exhaust or discharge printing.
– Applicable at 40 and 60 °C
– Economical for medium and dark shades
– Excellent brightness
– Good wet fastness
– Great solubility in water
Vidazol VS Dyes
2% Shade Product Name C.I. No.
Y42 Yellow FG Yellow 42
Y15 Yellow GR Yellow 15
Y77 G. Yellow R Yellow 77
O2r Orange 2R Not Indexed
O3r Orange 3R Orange 16